MP-51 Slim 15W Soldering Iron

mp-51MP-51 Slim 15W Soldering Iron, a Professional 15W Soldering Iron with internal heated tip. Specially designed for precise electronics repair jobs and printed circuit board soldering.

High quality Nichrome heater element with excellent thermal stability. Barrel made of seamless, stainless steel that restrains heat expansion.

The modPRO MP-51 is effective, easy to use and it`s ultra slim design allows you to hold it just like a pencil!

Package includes

  • Slim 15W Soldering Iron
  • Metal stand
  • 1m thin lead-free solder (0.8mm)
  • Instructions in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and French.

Technical details

  • Power rating: 15W / 230V
  • Cord length:
  • 1.5 m
  • Tip temp: 320°C / 608°F
  • Tip type: HQ Iron plated Long Life tip
  • Tip shape: Pencil point
  • Tip diameter/lenght: 3mm / 10.3mm
  • Replacement tip: modPRO MP-52